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Acquire the Success Mindset of Visionaries like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in 90 Days

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I.D.E.A Framework

(Even if you don't have any Backing )

Join me for 30 minutes.

Kick-start your Success Journey

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30 minutes of Career Acceleration

3 Important Take Aways from the Session

In just 30 minutes, unlock the roadmap to reshape your career and dive into entrepreneurship

Take Away #1

Elevate your business with I.D.E.A: Holistic framework for skill development and successful entrepreneurship

Take Away #2

Shift from learning to thriving: Embrace a hands-on approach for skill development & business creation.

Take Away #3

Tailored support for your journey: In 90 days, transform your business with personalized guidance.

Book Audit Call, you'll start to..

  • Uncover Obstacles: Identify the precise hurdles hindering your path to entrepreneurial success as a young trailblazer.

  • Focused Development: Discover the key areas to nurture for a thriving entrepreneurial journey tailored to your youth-centric aspirations.

  • Mindset Makeover: Grasp the winning mindset of accomplished entrepreneurs and unravel the secrets to their thought processes.

  • Strategic Fast-Track: Skip the trial-and-error phase with our proven strategies, actively propelling your career without unnecessary setbacks.

  • Niche Revelation: Pinpoint your niche early on to fast-track success, customizing your journey to accelerate growth with IDEA.

By Immersing yourself in Entrepreneurship as a Student, you break free from:

Shackles of Conventional Career Paths

Monotony of Traditional Learning Methods

Limitations of a one-size-fits-all

Uncertainty of Job Market

Rigid Professional Trajectory

Missed Opportunities & Unexplored Potentials

Concept #1

The Evolution Of An Expert

Learn The 5-Stages Of Positioning Yourself An Expert In The Digital Age

Concept #2

eLearning Industry Stats

Learn how you can ride on one of the fastest growing trends in the world

Concept #3

Digital EcoSystem Model

Learn How To Build A Knowledge Based Eco-System To Serve Your Community

Concept #4

3 Pillars Of Video Influence

Learn How To Attract The Right People Into Your Community Using Videos

Concept #5

The 4 Stage Info Product Funnel

Learn How To Maximise Your "Customer Lifetime Value" Thru A 4-Stage Funnel

Concept #6

Video Marketing Blueprint

Learn How To Market Thru Videos On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube

Here is what 1000+ participants say about Us..

Dr. Akshita Bahuguna

I am...

Dr. Akshita Bahuguna, a seasoned educator and entrepreneurial coach with over 20 years of experience

Having coached 100,000+ individuals in entrepreneurial skills over the last 5 years, I've left an indelible mark. Through 200+ seminars, webinars, and workshops,

I've passionately shared insights, laying the foundation for successful ventures.

As the founder of initiatives like FutureIcons, Svyambhu, Unbox Entrepreneurship, and teachericons, I've dedicated myself to fostering entrepreneurial spirit. With a

PhD in Entrepreneurship Education, I've not only imparted knowledge but also personally coached and supported over 1,000 Pico Entrepreneurs.

My influence extends to 500+ schools and universities,

and I've co-authored two impactful books on career coaching.

From prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs, to NITs, my sessions have resonated, contributing to a transformative journey for countless aspiring entrepreneurs.

I'm on a mission: blend education with entrepreneurship, empowering a million youth to thrive in their unique entrepreneurial journeys.

Because I've been through a lot of struggle myself...

" Unbox the exclusive strategies of the TOP 1% Entrepreneurs for unparalleled career success in a dynamic 30-minute webinar. Learn how to creatively escape common challenges like stagnant growth, ineffective time management, and marketing woes.

Seize this chance to break free from conventional career norms, ditch mundane learning, and navigate job market uncertainties with confidence. Forge a flexible professional path and conquer fear by exploring untapped potentials.

Elevate your career in Entrepreneurship business to new heights with the insights from this power-packed webinar

Join us and say goodbye to the obstacles holding you back!

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